What Is a HydraFacial?

The HydraFacial is an invigorating treatment that can be given in as little as 45 to an hour. It delivers long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. A HydraFacial in San Ramon offers instantly noticeable results with no downtime, recovery time, or irritation.

The HydraFacial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating, and immediately effective. We also include LED light treatment with HydraFacial. Light therapy is the application of light energy to the skin for therapeutic benefit. It is a completely pain-free procedure.

Clients can choose from Red or Blue LED lights. Red LED light is a therapeutic technique that uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues such as wrinkles, scars, persistent wounds, psoriasis lesions, and more. Blue LED light can be used to improve skin texture and reduce sebaceous hyperplasia or enlarge oil glands.

Blue LED light is effective in treating acne skin because blue light kills p-bacteria, which is the cause of pustule acne. It can also help with scars caused by acne. LED light therapy provides an excellent finishing touch to HydraFacial treatment.

We guarantee that the HydraFacial will not only improve the look of your skin but with frequent treatments will restore skin health.

We believe that beautiful skin instills a deep confidence that amplifies inner beauty. It is our mission to reveal the best skin of your life.

What Is a HydraFacial Procedure Like?

The HydraFacial procedure generally involves three short and effective steps that are customizable according to the client’s requirements.

  1. Cleanse and Peel

    : Almost all facials begin with a cleansing process. This step in the HydraFacial cleans your skin by removing excess debris and dirt. After cleansing, peeling is performed using a mixture of two acids: glycolic and salicylic acid. The chemical-based exfoliation process encourages sloughing away the dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. Peeling eliminates various superficial skin issues like fine lines and addresses dullness, revealing brighter fresher skin.

  2. Extract and Hydrate

    : The second step of the HydraFacial is extraction, which is a painless and effective method of removing dirt from the pores. Here, a vacuum is used to suction out all the impurities from your pores. This helps to address acne and prevent future breakouts. This is followed by hydration. In this step, the skin is moisturized on a deep level, removing oiliness and replenishing the tissues.

  3. Rejuvenate and Restore

    : Now that all the cleansing and hydration is taken care of, the last step is mainly concerned with nourishing the skin with antioxidants and potent peptides to detoxify, rejuvenate, and restore your skin.The ultimate result of this procedure is smooth, revitalized, and glowing skin. To ensure optimal and long-lasting results, you must follow our post-treatment care directions carefully.

Am i a good candidate

The HydraFacial addresses all skincare needs and is appropriate for all skin types.

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Elasticity and Firmness
  • Even Skin Tone and Vibrancy (Glow)
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry or Dehydrated Skin
  • Enlarged Pores (Black/White Heads)
  • Sun Damage
  • Rosacea
  • Improve Scars

Tailor your treatment with award-winning super serums to address specific skin concerns. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please ask your OBGYN prior to procedure.

How long does it take

Our Signature HydraFacial will take only 45 to an hour. The time will vary due to the treatment but on average, including consultation, it will usually take less than an hour.

Is it painful

The HydraFacial is not a painful procedure, during or after the treatment. Most patients feel that it is quite relaxing and tell us they only feel a little of the suction sensation, and this is not painful. However, you might experience temporary irritation, tightness, or redness depending on the skin’s sensitivity but that is only temporary.

Hydrafacial Results San Ramon
Hydrafacial Results San Ramon

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When can i see the result

You will see the results immediately! You will be surprised how your skin feels and looks after the treatment. You will fall in love with the results.

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How often does Hydrafacial need to be treated

We usually recommend once a month to maintain healthy cell turn over.

We don’t believe in quick fixes, continued HydraFacial treatments are highly recommended to maintain skin health results and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, oily and congested skin.

If you have any skin concerns such an dark spots, fine lines or acne skin, schedule a consultation to learn how often this treatment is recommended for you.

How long does it last

Many clients report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment. The results last 5 to 7 days or even longer, depending on your daily skin care routine. Remember to drink water to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

After treatment?

After your treatment, you should wait around six hours before washing your face. You should also refrain from taking a shower or working out vigorously enough to make you perspire. You’ll protect your skin and get the best benefits if you keep your face dry during this time.

For the following 3 days, avoid using cosmetics that contain glycolic acid or other substances that exfoliate your skin. You won’t require these skincare items after getting a HydraFacial because your skin will be radiant and rejuvenated.

To protect the skin, you should wear sunscreen. In addition, you should avoid spending a prolonged amount of time in the sun for the next 14 days.


How Much Does a HydraFacial Cost?

Price varies depending on the amount of treatments performed and the booster needed for each client. Please contact us before your specific inquiry and we will provide you with a quote prior to your appointment.

Ask about package deals for HydraFacial treatments and be ready for the best skincare of your life! Also please don’t forget to ask about any promotions we are running.

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