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Demi Sato

Demi Sato

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I was born to love beauty and I am very grateful to be a woman.

Even being someone like me though, who appreciates beauty as I do, at one point in my life I moved away from beauty. I got married to a wonderful husband who supports me in everything I do. I became a mother, blessed with two lovely girls. Being a mom was a very busy time and I found that I was making myself less and less of a priority. I felt like I was too busy to spend time on myself, because my main focus was caring for my family.

One day, a friend pointed out to me that I could not continue on as I was, that I needed to be who I really was. She was right, and she reminded me. I know it is good to make your family a priority, but I am also aware of the importance of self-care as well.

There is a quote that I love, “Happy wife; happy life”. As women we must also think of ourselves. We deserve it. And if you are happy, your family will be happy too!
Every woman is beautiful in their own way. Why not maximize that beauty? It is proven that when we feel good about how we look, we feel better as a whole.

Choose to treat yourself with the love and care with which you treat others. Things like Permanent Makeup and weekly facials can offer you the pampering you deserve while also saving you precious time, and can help you to look and feel naturally beautiful. Demi also has her own website.

I want to support all women because when we support each other, incredible things can happen!

With love,

Sophia Sato

Sophia Sato

Each one of us is beautiful in our way and I want to enhance your natural beauty at BlossomMD. You are unique and you are beautiful.

I believe beauty comes from confidence and I know how hard it is to gain self-esteem. With the other members of the BlossomMD team, I will provide you a great consultation and a result driven procedure. My ultimate goal is to give you encouragement to gain confidence and simply feel good about yourself.

We could all use a little support. The “support” might be injectables, microneedling, permanent makeup or other procedures. Our team works with you with to achieve your beauty goals, with the latest and most modern treatments, procedures and techniques.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client walk out of BlossomMD with a big smile and more confidence. It fills me with pure happiness and joy. This is why I love my job.

I want you to enjoy that moment when you look at the mirror and say, “I look good”

If I can do anything to support you, I would love to do so. I can’t wait to see you.

With all my love,
Sophia Sato

Kaitlin Giovacchini, RN, BSN
Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Kaitlin Giovacchini, RN, BSN

I grew up in the Bay Area and moved back recently due to my love for this region. I originally went to school at UC Riverside and graduated with a B.S. in Anthropology. After working in the business world, I decided to pursue a nursing degree due to my love for science. I graduated from St. Joseph School of Nursing in NH and later got my B.S.N. from Western Governors University. I have over two years of experience as a full-time aesthetic nurse and 4+ years as an RN. I specialize in all types of injectables: Filler, Neuromodulators, Kybella, PRF, and PDO threads.

I love working with patients to create a custom aesthetic experience by increasing others’ self-confidence and enhancing their natural beauty. In addition, I enjoy learning the newest techniques and keeping up with the best practice in order to provide my patients with optimal and natural results. My favorite treatment is lip filler; I love how it can enhance a person’s smile and restore a more youthful appearance. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, spending time with my husband, and hiking with our three dogs.

Susan Benedet

Susan Benedet - Director of Administrative and Client Services

Susan Benedet is our Director of Administrative and Client Services. With many years of experience within the Office Admin industry, Susan thrives on organization and keeping things running smoothly from behind the scenes. Susan has been a part of our team since 2017.

Susan has been married to the love of her life for twenty-seven years and is the mom to two wonderful young adults.

“The staff is very friendly, honest and very welcoming.
I had the most amazing experience. This is a very beautiful and clean spa place.”

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