Patient Testimonials

“Highly recommend this spot”

5 Star Rating
Yay! Finally able to get some Mommy time at a med spa after the 3 month shut down! A lot of places have not been open where I live so decided to try one out in San Ramon. Really cute little location. Super clean and even took my temp while waiting in my car. The staff was really patient and I never felt rushed. It’s been a couple weeks. The results and follow up went well! Will be coming back in a month for PDO Threads and Microneedling. Highly recommend this spot if you are looking for more personalized attention.

— Cindy W


“Looove this MedSpa!”

5 Star Rating
Looove this MedSpa! I originally went in for microblading with Demi last year and since then I have gotten microneedling done and PDO threads. The nurse Michelle is great as well Dr. Abrass!! With all the video conferences at home these days, I feel like I’m confident and just ready to go without needing to spend all this time putting on my makeup. I’m pretty much just hanging out at home with my 2 boys and hubby so it’s easier. I referred a few friends so far and will continue to do so. Great experience and highly recommend blossom.

— Elsie. L


“I’m loving my skin”

5 Star Rating
Last week I brought an HydraFacial and an RF microneedling package and I can already see the results. I had a little redness after the microneedling for about 3 days but nothing bad. It’s been about 7 days since my treatment and I’m loving my skin. I can easily say that my pores have shrunken quite a bit so my face and neck are way more supple and clean. My goal in this next year is to really bring more health back to my skin during this SIP. I prepaid for Vivace package that was a great deal. I might add the vampire facial treatments but still thinking about the costs. All in all really great experience with Demi and Michelle. May consider PDO threads and botox in the coming weeks. Cute little office and very personable staff. They spend a lot of time with you chit chatting. Also the Covid-19 procedures were really great. They took my temperature at my car and gave me a mask (forgot mine). I can see them wiping everything we touched and only allowed 1 client at a time.

— Sara. D


“I highly recommend Blossom MD and their staff.”

5 Star Rating
I really had a wonderful experience with Demi and Frances the Nurse Practitioner. I really felt at ease with their team as they really took the time to understand how I really felt about my personal beauty. What I love the most is that they truly focus on skin health. Before I got Botox and Juviderm from Frances, Demi spent 2 months doing 4 HydraFacials treatments and 2 microneedling treatments with the nurse. I learned so much about how skin works and how to maintain it. I highly recommend Blossom MD and their staff.

— Arko. K


“Michelle and Demi are super friendly staff members”

5 Star Rating
Just had my botox and dermal filler done about 3 weeks ago and I’m really liking the results! Michelle and Demi are super friendly staff members and spend a lot of time getting to know me and what I’m looking for. I’m 48 and take care of myself but I want to come out of this shelter in place looking better. I’m on Zoom calls all day and just want to look great when I speak in front of a large group. The safety around COVID-19 is really excellent as I see them wipe down everything and only allow 1 customer at a time. They enforce PPE at all times so I felt comfortable.

— Teresa. H


“Demi is amazing!”

5 Star Rating
Demi is amazing! A professional, patient, and candid perfectionist who will only provide services that would be effective for your skin type and requirements. Her keen sense of beauty advice and service to improve your appearance is based on her extensive experience. She is friendly, kind and warm. The spa/office place is clean and professional. Highly recommend!

— Maddie. G


“would recommend her to all my friends”

5 Star Rating
definitely enjoy my experience at blossom MD result were amazing all my friends noticed the difference definitely recommended Vanessa she is very helpful would recommend her to all my friends.

— Dylan. W


“I love how my skin feels now”

5 Star Rating
Demi Sato and her team really cares about skin health and is really wonderful to work with. After multiple pregnancies and stress at work, I just started to age pretty fast in my 40s with the dark spots, wrinkles and looser skin. Blossom put together a 6 month treatment plan for me that included, microneedling, botox on my forehead and crows feet , hydrafacial and ZO skin cream for daily maintenance. I’m in month 3 now and my darks spots are fading with micro-needling and the botox helped tighten my skin. Keeping light on the botox as it’s my first time with that kind of stuff. I love how my skin feels now and brings me more confidence!

— Michelle. C


“So relaxing!”

5 Star Rating
I absolutely loved my treatment! Hydrofacial absolutely changed my life and boosted my confidence. So relaxing!

— Amey. C


“Highly recommend this med spa!”

5 Star Rating
Great experience and great results! Most of my teenage and college years, I suffered from pretty bad scarring. As a result, I’m 40 now and felt like it was time to clean up my skin from all the acne and just sunspots. Demi, who’s my friend’s spouse is the aesthetician there that helped created a 6 month treatment plan between hydrafacials, vampire facials and basic chemical peels. Seriously,the improvement in my skin has been unbelievable. My skin is just so fresh, and my acne scarring has been drastically reduced. The nursing staff was wonderful to work with. Highly recommend this med spa!

— Eddie. N


“the staff is very friendly”

5 Star Rating
Honestly I’ve never been to a medical spa before but my wife had bought me a package for Father’s Day last year for a 6 treatment HydraFacial and 2 Vivace RF Microneedling treatments. I didn’t really know what that was, but the results were way better than I had ever expected. I just never took care of my skin other than put on lotion and sunblock so maybe that’s why I saw such an improvement. I’m 45 years old and my skin is tighter and waaaaay healthier from microneedling. I was surprised at the growing glow every time I came back from my HydraFacial treatments. Kind of a smaller space but the staff is very friendly and just plain nice.

— Ted.K


“I’m very pleased with the outcome!”

5 Star Rating
I got my eyebrows done due to chemotherapy. Demi was so sweet and understanding. I got the 3D ombre microblading. She was fast and I’m very pleased with the outcome!

— Shamekka.M


“Michelle did an unbelievable job with my MicroNeedling”

5 Star Rating
Michelle did an unbelievable job with my MicroNeedling. It was my first time and she made me feel comfortable from beginning to end. The treatment took about 1 hour and it was not painful at all. Michelle was very knowledgeable, experienced and extremely professional. She even texted me that night and the day after to see how I was doing and made sure I applied the after treatment. My wife was amazed how much younger my skin looked after a couple of days. I even noticed that my wrinkles and especially my smile line is much lighter now. I am definitely going back to Blossom MD after a few months and my wife can’t wait to start her treatment as well. I would recommend anybody that is wanting to look younger and feel great to give them a call. You’ll not regret it!

— Lawrence C.


“Demi was very helpful”

5 Star Rating
I came in last month to get Botox for the first time. Demi was very helpful in listening to my concerns and providing the treatment needed. She went into detail about the procedure, the effects and what to expect during and after the procedure. Dr. Abrass spent time customizing how much Botox I would get based off of my needs and expectations. He is very experienced, knows facial muscles and how to relax them, and very gentle with injections. The procedure was pretty painless for the most part. We spent a good time talking and getting to know one another. I already look forward to my next service with them. I recommend BlossomMD to anyone!

— Elsa L.

“The staff is very friendly, honest and very welcoming.
I had the most amazing experience. This is a very beautiful and clean spa place.”

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