With our busy lifestyles of today it can be challenging to stick to a Skin Care Routine, but the benefits of following these few simple basics, will far outweigh the effort. Do not forego these important steps in lieu of a few extra minutes of snooze time in the morning. The time you take now will more than pay off in terms of your skin quality, in the future.

Following these easy, basic steps will win you the reward of healthier, younger looking skin.

  1. Cleanse. It is important to clean your face every morning with a high quality natural cleanser. This helps remove dirt, oil, and impurities that your skin has accumulated from your hair and pillowcase while you’re sleeping.
  2. Apply toner. Some skip this step because they are not aware of the benefit to the skin that toner offers, or because they worry that the toner may be harsh on their skin. Today’s toners are formulated to deliver moisture, adjust the PH level of our skin, and contain anti-aging properties as well.
  3. Moisturize. If your skin is dehydrated it will produce more unneeded oil, which can create a whole host of new skin issues. Maintaining proper skin balance and hydration are key to healthy skin. Also important to consider are environmental and aging actors. You may consider switching the type of moisturizer you use based on seasonal weather, or based on individual changes to your skin type due to natural aging, etc.
  4. Apply high quality sunscreen. Apply at least 15 minutes before leaving the house in the morning. Time saving tips include using a moisturizer that includes sun protection with a minimum SPF of 20. For very best results, consider physical sunscreen over chemical sunscreen.
  5. Cleanse again. Finish off your day with another cleaning of your face before you end your day. It is important to remove all of the accumulated debris of the day and the makeup you have applied. Always use a high quality natural cleanser and for extra exfoliation, use a washcloth or spin brush. We suggest cleansing for a minimum of 60 seconds.
  6. Moisturize again. Your skin heals and repairs itself while you sleep, so give it the best chance to do so by applying the extra moisture your skin craves.

Ask your Medical Beauty Professional at BlossomMD, in San Ramon California, for more information on skin care tips and techniques appropriate for your specific case. Our qualified professionals will offer suggestions and if requested can create a personalized, individual treatment plan, as well as discuss expectations and outcomes.

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