The term Cupid’s Bow in reference to lip shape, describes the double curve of an upper lip, resembling the shape of the Roman God of Love’s bow.

Many of us are not naturally endowed with what we consider to be the perfect lips or smile. Even those lucky enough to be born with beautifully shaped lips can lose volume with age, causing once well-shaped lips to become flattened and thin.

The good news is, a qualified and experienced beauty professional can help you towards the shape and style of lips you aspire to attain. Volume can be created by injecting filler into the lips, creating a fuller look for the perfect pout.

Lip enhancement using dermal fillers is one of the most popularly requested use of dermal fillers. Utilizing skill and knowledge and the expert injection of dermal filler, a well-defined, beautiful, full lip can be achieved.

Treatment length varies by client but the average, including consultation, is approximately sixty minutes. Pain tolerance levels vary by client, but most say this treatment feels like a minor pinch to the skin, well worth the achieved result. The doctor will apply topical numbing cream to sensitive areas, to minimize pain and maximize comfort.

Results of dermal filler injections can be seen immediately and can last six to eighteen months or longer. As the injected material will break down and be naturally absorbed, follow up treatments are recommended for continued results.

So whether you want to rejuvenate the beautiful smile you were born with or create a whole new look, look no further than dermal filler injections. This popular beauty technique is a great way to achieve the perfect smile!

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