Kybella Treatment for Reduction of Excess Fat Beneath the Chin

Kybella is a non-surgical, commonly used, injection treatment targeted at reducing the pocket of fat beneath the chin.

Kybella is a safe and effective procedure, approved by the FDA – US Food and Drug Administration, for use in the area under the chin.

How does it work and can it really reduce the excess fat under my chin?

I’ll explain, and Yes.

During this treatment, a substance called Deoxycholic acid is injected into the area beneath the chin, where excess fat has accumulated.

It is very safe, as Deoxycholic acid is already naturally produced in your body to help aid in digestion and absorb fat. This treatment takes advantage of this ability by injecting the substance directly into the area where you need more.  Once injected, the acid damages the fat cells in that area, making it impossible for them to continue to store fat.

The expected outcome of this treatment is dissolved fat cells by way of the series of injections. There’s very little downtime, because it is non-invasive and nonsurgical, and there’s little risk. The product is the first injectable product designed to melt away that dreaded double chin. Once the fat cells are destroyed the debris left behind is naturally cleared from the system and excreted as waste. This process occurs gradually over several weeks or months, and is usually a series of treatments.

Though minor side effects like pain, swelling, and redness are possible, the recovery for most clients is very minimal and any side effects typically subside in the first week or two. Most for whom their double chin has always been a constant source of concern and embarrassment, agree it is well worth it. Usually a product of genetics, and something many thought they would just have to “live with”, is now a treatable issue. And without the risk or commitment of a surgical procedure!

Every patient is unique but typically you can expect to see results in as few as 2 to 4 treatments. It is possible to notice improvement after 1 treatment. Kybella treatments can be scheduled with at least 1 month between sessions.

Most importantly, the key to being happy with the results of a procedure like Kybella is patience. It takes time for the injected Deoxycholic acid to serve its purpose in damaging and breaking down the fat cells. The process can seem slow while the cells are dissolving, but by far the best part of all, is when the process is complete, those cells beneath your chin are no longer able to hold fat. That extra chin is not coming back!

Ask your Medical Beauty Professional at BlossomMD for more information regarding this treatment and whether it might be appropriate for you. Our qualified professionals will create a personalized, individual treatment plan, as well as discuss expectations and outcomes.

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