Does your skin sometimes look and feel… dull?

The reason for this is multi-layered. Your skin looks and feels dull, usually for a combination of these 3 main reasons:

1. Your skin regrows constantly. In fact, skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. And as those new lower layers grow, the older layers remain above, and can tend to suffocate the new, fresh growth. That’s why exfoliation is such a key factor in healthy, youthful, glowing skin.

Exfoliation is the process of removing that outer layer of dead skin cells, so the skin cells below can breathe. The result is more vibrant, radiant skin.

2. Environmental factors. The world we live in is filled with pollutants and the dirt and debris that are present in even the air we breathe, also end up on our skin. It clogs our pores and can in turn create a whole host of unfortunate skin issues, as a result.

Taking care to remove the everyday dirt, debris and excess oils from our skin is crucial in maintaining the healthiest skin possible.

3. Your skin is thirsty! When your skin is dehydrated it can become a bit confused and produce more oil to make up for the low water content, and lack of hydration. That extra oil can cause breakouts, irritation and other less than optimal skin issues.

Other signs of dehydrated skin can include itchiness, lack luster appearance, more exaggerated wrinkles and under-eye circles.

Hydrating the skin adequately is a crucial step in achieving your best possible skin condition. Well hydrated skin minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and will help you appear well rested.

So how does one go about creating happier, healthier, more hydrated skin and maintain it?

You schedule yourself once monthly Signature Hydrafacials!

What is a Signature Hydrafacial?

Well, as they say, “3 Steps. 30 Minutes. The Best Skin of your Life!”

Step One


Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.

Step Two


Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.

Step Three


Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

Getting a Signature Hydrafacial is a positive step to take any time you are concerned with the health and appearance of your skin, but even more so before a special event like a wedding, or perhaps a holiday get-together.

Because the results of even just one Hydrafacial can last several weeks or more, we suggest getting yours now so you look your very best over the holidays.

Happy Holidays from all of us at BlossomMD!

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