Self-Care begins with realizing and recognizing your own self-worth. Maintaining a positive relationship with yourself is key to confidence, self-esteem and your own self-image.

Self-cares reminds yourself and thereby others around you that you matter. Your needs matter, your wants matter, YOU matter.

But isn’t that selfish thinking? NO! Why must everyone else around you matter more than you do? It doesn’t need to be a choice of others over yourself or yourself over others. We all matter and taking the time to meet your own wants and needs is not selfish. It is appropriate. It also makes you more effective and dynamic in your day to day life.

Demonstrating self-care is also beneficial for those around you. Your friends and family will learn from your positive example as well, and learn to create their own boundaries around positive and negative behaviors and why it is important not to over burden and over work yourself right into illness.

Self-care is vitally important when it comes to our health and wellness, both physical and mental. But it’s not always easy to take the time, is it?

Here are just a few ideas of how you might incorporate healthy self-care into your busy life.

  1. Praise yourself with mindful reflection.

When was the last time you took a moment to think back on the things you have accomplished in your life, and pat yourself on the back? It’s ok to be proud of yourself.

Kudos to you on that promotion at work. Way to go on having your kids’ school lunches packed the night before, and always making time to read a book to them before bed. Well done, being the friendly ear for someone who just really needed to talk. Not everyone would have handled things as you did.

  1. Get creative. Maybe it’s time for a new or old hobby?

Did you used to paint, but gave it up? Choose to do it again! Maybe you once thought you’d be a writer, or a photographer, or a historian. Pick up a pen, and write! Pick up a camera and shoot. Explore the world of your family history through genealogy. Hobbies and pass times offer us much in terms of mental happiness and stress reduction.

  1. Pamper yourself with something personal.

Take a long hot bath, lounge in your bathrobe, enjoy a cup of herbal tea while reading a trashy novel, or visit your local Medical Spa.

Getting a soothing HydraFacial is very relaxing and the result is baby soft skin; or treat yourself to a Botox treatment to address that crease in your forehead, that has always bothered you; or look into Dermal Fillers to address the crow’s feet around your eyes that you notice more than anyone else. We feel better about ourselves inside, when we feel better about how we look outside.

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No matter the method or methods of self-care you choose to incorporate into your busy life, the main point is doing it. Make the time, to make it happen. You will be happier and those around you will follow your lead. Even in this day and age, with all of the stress in our lives, we can choose to implement practices to reduce our stress and increase our happiness. And thankfully, happiness is contagious!

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