It has been said that women age like fine wine, getting better with age. As time passes, we hope for wisdom, success and happiness but with that also comes the inevitable change in our appearance. While we should be proud of earning every fine line and wrinkle, we should also feel empowered in addressing them, should we choose to.

Crow’s feet are caused by UV exposure and a loss of skin elasticity and collagen, a natural consequence of age. Addressing these fine lines and wrinkles is the most common use of Botox injections. Injected around the eyes, Botox smooths out the skin, by relaxing the muscles around the corners of your eyes. The effects will be particularly noticeable when you laugh.

Botox is a quick 10 to 15 minute treatment with minimal discomfort. Most clients say it feels like a minor pinch to the skin. The treatment will temporarily reduce the underlying muscle activity that leads not only crow’s feet but also forehead lines and frown lines, improving one’s appearance.

Results may be visible in a matter of days, as the muscles around your eyes begin to relax. Results of Botox may last 3 to 6 months and longer in some cases. To retain the optimal smoothing effect on crow’s feet, Botox treatments on a continuous basis are recommended.

So now that you have smoothed your crow’s feet with Botox, how else can you endeavor to achieve the best possible skin?

The importance of a consistent skin care regime, adequate hydration and the use of quality sunscreen cannot be emphasized enough. Protecting one’s skin from harmful UV rays and treating your skin with care are key to maintaining the best possible skin quality.

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