Sarah: “You look really good today, like you’re glowing! Are you doing something different?”

Emily: “Actually, yes. Let me tell you about this amazing new treatment I just discovered and have been trying out!”

Looking to give your skin a radiant boost, without surgical procedures or intense chemical treatments? PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) Injection as an add-on, at BlossomMD Med Spa, might be just the answer you’re looking for. Let’s explore this innovative cosmetic treatment.

The Lowdown on PRF

First things first, what exactly is PRF?

Platelet-Rich Fibrin is a natural substance derived from your own blood, packed with growth factors that can help your skin rejuvenate and heal. It’s different from traditional PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) because PRF contains a higher concentration of platelets and is prepared differently, making it an excellent choice for aesthetic treatments.

In this treatment we utilize your own PRF to achieve beautiful, radiant results! Read on for more…

The PRF Injection Process

The PRF Injection treatment itself is quick and straightforward. Here’s a bit about the process:

Blood Draw: The first step involves drawing a small amount of your blood, just like you would for a routine blood test. It’s an easy, simple process; quick and practically painless. (and we have our own Phlebotomist right here on site, further adding to the safety and convenience of this treatment).

Into the Centrifuge: Here’s where the magic happens! Your blood sample is placed in a centrifuge, where it’s spun at high speeds. This separates the PRF from the rest of your blood, creating a golden elixir filled with growth factors.

Injection: The PRF is then carefully injected into the areas of your skin that need a little extra love. For some, it’s around the eyes and mouth, but this treatment can be tailored to address many areas of concern, like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and more.

The Results

Emily: “After my PRF Injection at BlossomMD, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I saw results. My skin looked refreshed, and more vibrant. And over the next few weeks, I even noticed improvement in my skin texture and fine lines, and I swear I have a more overall refreshed glow. It feels exhilarating!”

It’s important to note that results can vary from person to person, but the potential for beautiful, natural-looking improvements is there with PRF.

*Sarah and Emily are fictional characters based on feedback from real BlossomMD clients.

Why Choose PRF at BlossomMD Med Spa?

Emily: “I chose BlossomMD for my PRF Injection as an add-on, because of their commitment to quality and safety. I was already there for my microneedling treatment, and the staff always prioritize my wants and needs, so I feel safe and comfortable there. Honestly, I love the providers so much. They treat me like the most important VIP and I always leave feeling relaxed and pampered.”

At BlossomMD we understand that everyone’s skin is unique, so we tailor your PRF treatment to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to turn back the clock on aging or address certain skin concerns, we’ve got you covered.

Emily: “I’m glad I tried PRF at BlossomMD Med Spa. I’m thrilled with the results and couldn’t be happier with my decision to try it. If you’re looking for a safe, effective, rejuvenating boost for your skin, I highly recommend PRF Injection. And the med spa is such a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere you’ll leave feeling completely polished and pampered, like I did.”

At BlossomMD Med Spa, we are committed to providing our clients with the most effective and cutting-edge beauty treatments. PRF injection perfectly aligns with our philosophy of offering natural, safe, and results-driven solutions.

PRF injection at BlossomMD in San Ramon

Here’s why you should consider PRF injection as an add-on service during your visit to BlossomMD:

Best in Beauty

PRF injection is such a valuable tool in the Medical Beauty industry because finding products specifically designed for the under-eye and mouth areas can be challenging. There is a very limited amount of products tailored for these areas that have such delicate and sensitive skin; as they require specialized treatment to ensure safety and effectiveness. As a result, this scarcity of alternatives further highlights PRF injection treatment as the best option, for its benefits for these specific areas.

Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

PRF injection is a non-invasive procedure, making it an ideal choice for facial rejuvenation without the downtime and risks associated with surgery. You can achieve stunning results without going under the knife.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our experienced and highly trained practitioners will customize your PRF injection treatment to address your specific concerns. Whether you’re looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, or restore lost volume, PRF can be adapted to your unique beauty goals.

Natural and Safe

PRF is derived from your blood, ensuring that there are no foreign substances or chemicals introduced to your body. This natural approach minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and complications, making it a safe option for most.

Relatively Painless

PRF injection is relatively painless, with most clients reporting only mild discomfort during the procedure. Our practitioners take every measure to ensure your comfort and provide a relaxing spa-like experience.

Fast and Convenient

PRF injections are quick, usually taking less than an hour. There will be temporary swelling with this treatment due to the thinness and sensitivity of the area being treated – in particular under the eye and to a lesser extent, around the mouth. This is very common and should subside in 3-7 days, on average.

Results That Last

While individual results may vary, many clients experience noticeable improvements within weeks of their PRF injection treatment. The natural growth factors in PRF continue to work beneath the surface, delivering long-lasting benefits for up to several months.

A Great Addition

PRF injection can be seamlessly integrated into your existing beauty regimen. Consider pairing it with other services offered at BlossomMD, such as dermal fillers, Botox, microneedling, Laser Genesis or other treatments, for a comprehensive and transformative experience.

PRF After Care

Best advice, as always, is to avoid touching the treated area and follow the instructions given to you by your professional providers, explicitly.

Every individual and procedure may have specific considerations, and it’s crucial to adhere to the guidance given to achieve the best possible results and minimize complications.

Expert Guidance – PRF injection in East Bay

Our team of skilled practitioners at BlossomMD in San Ramon, are well-versed in the latest cosmetic advancements. They will guide you through every step of the PRF injection process, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your beauty journey.

So, the next time someone asks, “Are you doing something different?” You can confidently say, “Yes, I discovered PRF at BlossomMD!” And, your skin will thank you for it.

Because at BlossomMD Med Spa, we believe that beauty should be a personal and empowering journey. With the introduction of PRF injection as an add-on service, we are excited to offer you a natural, safe, and effective way to enhance your beauty and rejuvenate your skin. And our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction means that you can trust us to deliver exceptional results that leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your beauty journey and explore the transformative potential of PRF injection, contact BlossomMD Med Spa today to schedule your consultation.

Experience the BlossomMD difference and let your beauty blossom.

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